PES 2018 Android: The Gamers’ Favourite Soccer Game

One would heavily disagree with me if I tell them that playing games are actually a good thing. Now you might ask what is so good about staring at a screen constantly for 3 hours. And yes where video games have their own downsides, they can improve your coordination skills, your problem-solving skills and enhance your learning skills. There is an opposite argument that people who like video games are a fan of pseudo-reality and they get lost in pseudo-reality when they don’t have any sense of accomplishment left in their real life.

PES 2018 is one of the most popular games that this year has seen. With a rapid development of the graphics, video games are becoming more and more advanced and popular. You wouldn’t see a teen without a play station in their hands nowadays. PES is a sports video game popular among today’s young generation that was developed and published by Konami primarily for Microsoft Windows, play stations, and Xboxes. Though the name suggests 2018, the game was actually released in 2017. You can download the PES 2018 android hack.


Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Liverpool F.C FC Schalke 04, Valencia CF, Fulham F.C. and the Brazil national football team are some of the football teams that Konami managed to license. The first data pack of the PES 2018 was first released in 5th of October in 2017 and gained superb popularity. Konami had also released a demo version of pro evolution soccer.

We have been talking about the Xbox and play station versions of PES 2018 but you can also get an android version of PES 2018 in your smartphones.

Like every other video game, you can easily get it from the android play store.

Konami has repackaged their game PES 2017 and launched it in PES 2018 for its Android devices. After installation, PES 2018 will take up to 1.3 GB of storage RAM in your android device. The graphics and the player’s faces have been changed a lot since the last PES 2017 game and people seem to be loving the new updated version. New features like Chip Shot and Controlled Shot have been added. The main game has not changed though- the postures of the players, the way they move and their reaction have pretty much been the same since the last time.


Impressive players like David Beckham have been added to the game to make it more fun and realistic. If you are a new player you can take quite a few training sessions and improve your player rating. All matches are played in fictional Konami stadiums that you might rename afterward.

So we saw that PES 2018 is a pretty impressive game that you can get on Android and IOS devices. This game is loved and cherished by many but Konami’s customers will like them to make a few serious changes in the interface of the game. The names of some of the football clubs seem to be an issue with some players.

Overall, it is a favorite one among the gamers!

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